The 3 simple steps to building wealth

I’ve been asked by so many people, “Where should I start investing?” or “I just don’t know where to start saving money.” I want to lay the foundations for you to get started building wealth.

There are really only 3 steps to the process of building wealth, and when you see them, you might say “but that’s obvious! It’s common sense!” Well, common sense is not always so common. If it was, then everyone would be doing it.

Each of these steps has many, many elements to it, and we’ll look into each of those in detail in due course. There are lots of steps in this journey, and we’re just getting started. So let’s have a look at the plan. Once we understand the basics, we can figure out the details. But too many people try and dive in at the deep end without getting the basics right first, and it usually doesn’t end well.

Imagine building a house without a plan, or setting out on a journey without a map. You’d be foolish, and I want you to be wise. So let’s lay those foundations and build up from there. Imagine you want to build a pyramid. Ready?

The 3 simple steps to building wealth, wisely.

What?! It should be harder than that! That can’t be it!

No, it really is. But each of those statements has so much more in it. I want to unpack them all in detail with you, giving you practical steps and knowledge so you can make them all happen in your own life. We’ll do that in due course, but for now, you need to take these on board and not forget them.

You need to follow these simple steps to success:

Step 1…

1 thought on “The 3 simple steps to building wealth”

  1. How do you just start a fund or etf.
    I have some money in a savings account but don’t know how to get started with something I can regularly add to ( and subtract if need be)
    Do I start at a bank or credit union.
    One example is the Colorado bond fund. How do I start without a lot of upfront fees.
    Where do I go to start?

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