You (probably) don’t need a financial adviser

Hi. I’m Ben.

Hi. I'm Ben.

I am not a financial professional. I hold no financial qualifications and have undergone no formal training. But I’m a big believer that you don’t need to be a professional to manage your own finances successfully. I have been doing it for years now, through many ups and downs.

I’ve read a lot, listened a lot and learned a lot. I want to help you learn too.

Many of the so-called ‘financial advisors’ that you find in expat-land, are nothing more than salespeople with smart suits and shiny shoes. (There are a few good ones, but they are few and far between.) They generally won’t have your best interests at heart and the main thing they care about is their commissions. I want to help you avoid all of that, take control of your own finances and have an amazing time as an expat.

I want to help you build wealth wisely.

Don’t just take my word for it though.

I will bring you expert information and advice from the best sources I can find. Experts on all things financial and wealth building related. People who have been building wealth, particularly as expats for much longer than me. I want to share their advice with you here.

My mission

My mission is to help you build wealth wisely. To help you make the best of your time as an expat. To end up having built significant wealth for your future and having enriched your life at the same time.

My story

You can read more of it over on the ‘Home is where my toothbrush is‘ page.

Jam Tomorrow

This site is not about living the high life. Well, not for now at least. It is about how to enjoy today though. I like fancy coffee and cameras. I have more hobbies than is healthy. We have several exciting holidays per year. But we don’t go crazy. Why? Because we want to have something left for tomorrow. And the day after that, and the next few thousand after that.

This site is our story of learning and mistakes, our wins and our faceplants. This is us coming to understand the reality of life – that it’s not a rehearsal and we need to make the most of it. This is how to make the absolute best of your time as an expat, and hopefully build significant wealth for your future. In every aspect of life. Maybe not eating all the jam today, but hopefully still having enough to spread on your grandchildren’s toast when you’re grey and old.

Next Steps…

Have a think and decide which category you fall in to:

  • I have no clue about my financial state
  • My finances are a mess
  • I sort of know what I should be doing, but dont know where to start
  • I’ve got this thing sorted, but I still want to improve

If you’re just getting started, then read this.